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Born in 1966 in Tucson Arizona, I was adopted approximately 6 months later. My mother was a stay at home Mom and my Father was enlisted in the USAF. Raised as an only child I was spoiled as hell. Having said that I was always trying to fit in.

 Flash forward to my late teens when I saw my good friend Tony playing guitar during lunch with a band. I knew right then that was the super power I wanted to possess. I went to his house just about every day for about 6 months to learn what he knew. I eventually realized it would take years before I was good enough to play in a band. That's when I came up with a brilliant idea, switch to Bass Guitar. I just cut my learning curve in half so I thought. Little did I know that my work had just begun.

  Although only a four stringed instrument my role was just as important as the other instruments in an ensemble. My obsessive compulsiveness led me down a journey of researching and emulating every well known Bassist and Style that I could find. Over the years I've played in over thirty bands/projects. My musical styles include Classic Rock, Metal, Blues, Rock-n-Roll, Rockabilly and Country to name a few. 

The Stage is my Art Studio, the  Guitar/Bass is my Brush and the Audience is my Canvas. I've played Huge Festivals, Cruise ships, small Honky Tonks, Night Clubs, Casinos and every place in between. I believe "In order to be a good band leader you must first be a good follower" I take pride in being prompt, playing my best and dressing for the situation. Over the years I've learned to be straight forward and honest with people and I expect no less. 

  Now the fun stuff! My Rig!

      In 2013 I'm proud to say I got endorsed by Gretsch Guitars.  It was a magical weekend at the Rockabilly Reunion in Lake Havasu, Arizona. I drove from Tucson to Lake Havasu on a Friday night after a Father Daughter Dance to play Saturday afternoon. Mr. Joe Carducci approached myself and my guitar player and said "I don't know if it's the Moon Stars that are lined up but I want to Endorse you guys if that's ok?" The rest is history and Joe and I have been good friends ever since. 

  My main instruments are my Gretsch Electrotone Bass and my Gretsch Streamliner. Although I've accumulated other Axes throughout my years Gretsch Guitars and Basses are always my first Choice.